SIAF 2022, Slovak International Air Fest, Malacky-Kuchyňa, 26-27.08.2022
There were three historic moments at the 2022 edition of the Slovak International Aviation Fest. At first place the hosts retired their MiG-29 fighters whose maintenance became impossible after the sanctions against Russia. Secondly for the first time in an Eastern European country there was a demonstration of the most advanced US fighter jet F-22 Raptor which were temporarily based in Poland. The third moment was the handover of Air Policing duty over Slovakia to the Czech Republic and Poland which was symbolized by a flyover of Czech and Polish fighter jets. On each of the both days the show was closed with a spectacular demonstration of MiG-29 pair and farewell ceremony of a single MiG-29. The pair of American F-22s performed a series of spectacular touch-and-goes with very early landing gear ups and holding the aircraft at low altitude along the entire length of the runway.Mainly participants were from countries neighboring Slovakia - Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Turkey also participated with the demonstration team F-16 Solo Turk.