AIRPOWER, Zeltweg, Austria, 02-03.09.2022
The largest air show in Europe in 2022, this is how the organizers present AIRPOWER'22. This year's show was spectacular just like the previous ones. 300,000 spectators, over 200 aircraft from 20 countries, these are the main statistics. Otherwise, the participants in the aerial demonstrations were more than impressive. A pair of Austrian Eurofighter Typhoons with aggressive display and the interception of C-130 Hercules. Dynamic performance of Swedish and Hungarian JAS-39 Gripen. Demo groups Patrouille Suisse, Frecce Tricolori and Wings of storm as always attractive to the mass public. F-16s from Belgium and Greece with very different programs. One of the most interesting parts was that one with the vintage jets like Me-262, MiG-15, J-35 Draken and G-2 Galeb. One of the stars of the show in 2022 was Croatian MiG-21 flown in for its performance from Zagreb airport.In the helicopter part combat machines such as EC-665 Tiger, Mi-24 and Mi-35 prevailed. Of course almost the entire Red Bull fleet took part in the show. And the big surprise was the flyover of a B-52 Stratofortress over the airport.